Invisible Wall

The invisible walls, otherwise known as clear view fence is a wall like no other, with its clear aesthetic and unassuming finish, allows you to keep your property looking great and appealing to the eye. The wall offers amazing security features such as anti-cut & climb as well as a 3m deep block to ensure no one is getting through.

Perimifence is dedicated to bringing the highest quality product to the market, and we believe that is exactly what we have done. We use the highest quality materials and only SABS approved steel, provided by other South African’s. Our invisible fencing is a proudly South African product!


Invisible Fence Gauteng




Here at Perimifence our invisible walls are made to the highest standards and is a proudly South African product. When you buy fencing from us you will have a variety of different options available for your invisible fences; from a galvanized finish to additional security options such as multi spikes or shear off nuts and bolts. We also create multiple different security gates catered to your specifications.

Limitless Options

We like to give our customers a choice in what they want their invisible fences to look and feel like. We offer a multitude of different finishing options such as galvanized, powder coating and PVC. We also offer things such as multi and maxi spikes with anti-tamper shear nut bolts. If you require any other special modifications please do not hesitate to let us know.

We cater to client specifications, there is nothing we cannot do with our fencing. If you are need of something different or not mentioned on our site, give us a quick call and we will see what we can sort out for you. We receive some crazy requests so do not be shy in letting us know, no matter how ridiculous; we are here to help!

Connect with us and let us know if you have any questions or queries. We are here to help!