Here at PerimiFence we help our clients install and assemble their brand new clear view(vu) fence. We love to keep our clients happy, but we love our fencing even more! We want our fences to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible and for there to be zero mistakes when installing your fence.

We assist you in taking measurements of your premises and the optimal placing of your fence for best security and space usage. Our fences are installed with 600 x 600 concrete blocks ensuring that it is resistant to any form of  force and harsh weather conditions.


Clearview Fence Installations




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The very best fence installers

We care about customer satisfaction, it is one of primary concerns. It is absolutely the worst being excited about your new fence but have to deal with incompetent fence installers. Well, with Perimifence you have an industry leader in clearview(vu) fencing installation.

No matter the conditions, weather, time of day or any other negative externality, our team of fence installers will be on site to ensure your fence is correctly erected. Give us a call to find to get the best price on your fencing installation.


Clear Vu Fencing Installation