Fencing Suppliers

Here at Perimifence we supply a wide variety of different clear view(vu) fencing solutions. We are a premier fencing supplier. We supply all fencing panels, bolts, clamps and nuts that are associated with all types of fencing. Customer satisfaction is our priority, if you are not happy with the supplied fencing product we will offer you another shipment or a free refund (T’s & Cs Apply).

We supply our fences all over Africa, there is no country we do not supply our clear view fencing to. Clients can rest easy knowing that our product is manufactured from the highest quality materials and is proudly South African made! Contact us today for a no obligation quotation.

Fencing Suppliers




We provide the right transport at the right price. Shipping fence around the world is no easy feat but here at Perimifence we make it as painless and easy as possible.



All of our fencing is aesthetically pleasing and is easy on the eyes, there is a reason they call it the invisible fence! If you require any additional addons do not hesitate to let us know.



Are you working on a new project or have a large client base? Then we are your go-to-company, contact us today to become an official fencing supplier reseller.



How We Supply

Here at Perimifence we make sure everything is done by the book and according to client specifications, that is why when we supply fencing we need our clients to communicate with us clearly and effectively with the requirements you need for your project. If all is in order we will never have a problem as our professionalism stands out amongst the crowd.