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The Best Clear View Fencing in Johannesburg

PerimiFence excels in delivering top-quality Clear View Fencing in Johannesburg, combining superior visibility with robust security. Our Clear View Fencing solutions are both aesthetically pleasing and highly durable, seamlessly blending into any environment while securing your perimeter with sophistication and elegance.

Our fencing is suitable for various settings, offering an ideal mix of transparency and defense, crafted by our expert team dedicated to excellence and value. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial use, our Clear View Fencing ensures your property is secure and stylish.

  • Unobstructed Views, Enhanced Security
  • Long-Lasting, Durable Materials
  • Sleek Design, Versatile Application
  • Anti-Climb, Anti-Cut Technology
  • Professional Installation Guaranteed

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    Our Clear View Fencing Services in Johannesburg

    PerimiFence is dedicated to providing top-tier Clear View Fencing solutions in Johannesburg, combining cutting-edge security with a clear, unobstructed view. Ideal for residential, commercial, and high-security applications, our fencing ensures safety without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

    Our Clear View Fencing stands out for its durability and minimal maintenance requirements. Crafted from high-quality materials, it is designed to resist corrosion and withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable boundary. The transparent design not only enhances the look of your property but also offers optimal visibility, making it easier to monitor your surroundings.

    Reliable Johannesburg based Clearview fencing services by PerimiFence

    Custom Coating Options For Clearview Fencing

    Explore our diverse range of coating options to personalize your Clear View Fencing, ensuring it is both durable and aesthetically pleasing for your property in JHB.

    Durable & Resilient

    Fusion Bond Coating

    Our fusion bond coating provides a resilient, smooth finish that significantly enhances durability and offers superior corrosion resistance for your Clear View Fencing. This option ensures your fence remains sturdy and visually appealing for years.

    Protective & Long-lasting

    Galvanized Coating

    The galvanized coating process adds a robust layer of zinc to your fence, offering excellent protection against rust and environmental wear. This coating is ideal for long-term outdoor use, ensuring your fencing remains in top condition regardless of the weather.

    Aesthetic & UV-resistant

    The polyester coating delivers a vibrant, color-rich finish, enhancing the visual appeal of your fencing. This coating not only adds aesthetic value but also protects your fence from harsh weather conditions and UV rays, ensuring lasting beauty.

    Robust & Weatherproof

    Plascoat PVC coating provides a tough, flexible finish that resists weathering and chemical exposure. This low-maintenance option ensures your fencing remains durable and visually attractive with minimal upkeep.

    Types Of Clear View Fencing for Johannesburg Properties


    76.2 x 50mm Apertures

    Basic Security

    Used for pedestrian and animal control as well as for swimming pools as per the SANS regulations.

    Basic security option type for clear view fence in Johannesburg

    76.2 x 25mm Apertures

    Standard Security

    Used for securing homes, schools, churches, office parks, commercial & retail shopping centres.

    Standard security option type for clear view fence in Johannesburg

    76.2 x 12.6mm Apertures

    Premium Security

    Used for securing high value or risk areas. Commercial, industrial & residential applications.

    Premium security option type for clear view fence in Johannesburg

    Fencing Security Accessories for Extra Protection

    Enhance the security of your Clear View Fencing with our range of specialized accessories. From Forest and Tiger spikes to Razor Coil and Electric Fencing, these add-ons provide an extra layer of protection to your property. Designed to integrate seamlessly with your fencing, our security accessories ensure that you achieve maximum safety and peace of mind. Whether you’re securing a residential area, commercial property, or industrial site in Johannesburg, our accessories are tailored to meet your specific security needs.

    Forest Spike accessory for clear view fencing in Johannesburg

    Forest Spikes

    Tiger Spikes accessory for clear view fencing in Johannesburg

    Tiger Spikes

    Shark Tooth Spikes accessory for clear view fencing in Johannesburg

    Shark Tooth Spikes

    Flat Wrap accessory for clear view fencing in Johannesburg

    Flat Wrap

    Razor Coil accessory for clear view fencing in Johannesburg

    Razor Coil

    Clearview Fence Johannesburg: Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Clearview Fencing?

    Clearview Fencing is a type of high-security fencing known for its clear, unobstructed views. Unlike traditional fencing, it doesn't obstruct the view while ensuring a high level of protection. It’s made with closely spaced wires that make climbing or cutting extremely difficult, making it a popular choice for areas where security is a priority without sacrificing the aesthetic look of the landscape.

    Does PerimiFence provide Clear View Fencing services in Johannesburg, and what do these services include?

    Yes, PerimiFence proudly offers Clear View Fencing services throughout Johannesburg. Our comprehensive services include the supply, professional installation, and maintenance of Clear View Fencing. We ensure each project is tailored to meet your specific security needs. Additionally, we provide on-site consultations and no-obligation quotes to help you make informed decisions about your fencing requirements. Whether you need fencing for residential, commercial, or industrial properties, our team is dedicated to delivering top-quality solutions that combine security with aesthetic appeal.

    How secure is Clearview Fencing?

    Clearview fencing's security level is superior due to its anti-climb and anti-cut features. The small mesh gaps make it virtually impossible for intruders to gain a foothold or use standard tools to cut through. Moreover, the rigidity of the panels makes them extremely difficult to bend or break, providing a formidable barrier against potential security breaches.

    Is Clearview Fencing durable?

    The durability of Clearview fencing is one of its key features. The materials used are chosen for their strength and resistance to environmental factors. Coatings such as galvanization or powder coating protect against rust and UV damage, ensuring that the fence maintains its integrity and appearance over many years, even in harsh weather conditions.

    Can ClearView Fencing be customized?

    Customization is a significant advantage of Clearview fencing. You can choose from a variety of heights, colors, and finishes to suit your specific needs and preferences. This flexibility allows Clearview fencing to be adapted to various architectural styles and property layouts, ensuring that the fencing not only meets security requirements but also complements the aesthetic of the environment.

    What maintenance does Clearview Fencing require?

    Maintenance for Clearview fencing is minimal, thanks to the high-quality materials and coatings used. Regular cleaning with water and mild detergent is usually sufficient to keep the fence looking new. Periodic inspections are recommended to check for any potential damage or wear, especially in areas with extreme weather conditions, but overall, the maintenance requirements are significantly lower than those for traditional fencing materials.

    What types of properties are best suited for Clearview Fencing?

    Clearview fencing is incredibly versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of properties. In residential settings, it provides security without compromising the home's aesthetic. For commercial and industrial properties, it offers a high-security perimeter while maintaining an open feel. Additionally, in agricultural areas, it serves as a robust boundary without obstructing the view of the landscape.

    How does Clearview Fencing compare to traditional fencing options?

    Compared to traditional fencing, Clearview fencing offers a more modern, less obtrusive look. It provides better security features, such as anti-climb and anti-cut properties, which are not usually found in standard fencing. The visual appeal of Clearview fencing is a significant advantage, as it does not create a 'caged-in' feeling, making it a preferred choice for areas where aesthetics are as important as security.

    Can Clearview Fencing integrate with security systems?

    Clearview fencing can seamlessly integrate with additional security measures, enhancing overall property protection. This includes electric fencing, which can be mounted on top for an extra layer of security, and CCTV systems, which are more effective due to the unobstructed view provided by Clearview fencing. This integration capability makes it an ideal choice for comprehensive security strategies.

    How does weather affect Clearview Fencing?

    Clearview fencing is designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. The materials used are resistant to rust, corrosion, and UV damage, ensuring the fence remains effective and visually appealing for years. In areas with extreme weather, the structural integrity of the fencing remains intact, thanks to its robust construction and quality coatings.

    What is the installation process for Clearview Fencing?

    Installation of Clearview fencing is a precise process that requires professional expertise. It begins with a thorough site assessment to determine the optimal fencing layout. The installation team then prepares the area, ensuring that the ground and anchoring points are suitable. The panels and posts are installed with precision, ensuring alignment and stability. After installation, a final inspection is conducted to guarantee that the fence meets all safety and quality standards.

    Customer Reviews for PerimiFence

    At PerimiFence, we take pride in offering top-notch Clear View Fencing solutions across Johannesburg. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in the positive feedback we receive. Read our customer reviews to see how we’ve helped enhance security and aesthetics for various properties. From efficient installations to excellent aftercare services, our clients commend our professionalism and high standards. Discover why so many choose PerimiFence for their fencing needs and experience the exceptional service we provide.

    Shirese NieuwoudtShirese Nieuwoudt
    03:47 07 Sep 23
    Excellent service. Very good quality gates and fencing. Will definitely recommend this business.
    mog evansmog evans
    13:43 12 Oct 22
    These guys are great. The fencing is secure and stylish with close attention to the finishing detail. Quick turnaround and a very hardworking team.
    Stephanus EngelbrechtStephanus Engelbrecht
    06:29 25 Mar 22
    Very good pricing and service received. Will be using them again.
    Jason SenekalJason Senekal
    08:16 08 Feb 22
    Very professional employees, service and production is top notch.I'll reccommend this business for your safety.
    Herman De VilliersHerman De Villiers
    10:00 03 Mar 20
    I'm very happy with the service and the quality of the workmanship. The staff was very friendly and helpfull.